Landscapers – How It Works

The Garden Design

The design service is available as a stand-alone process or more usually as part of the complete design and development process.

Availing of the design alone service can be of value particularly where a client is applying for planning permission or where a client wishes to manage a project directly or in stages.

What is involved in the design process?

We will visit the client on-site. The client will indicate his/her requirements for the garden, ranging from specific features, materials or plants, to preferences in style and ambience.

Photographs and magazines are helpful at this point in directing us along the appropriate lines.

On the visit we will photograph the site and take notes on orientation, topography, soil-type, the house or buildings, existing plants or features and the surrounding environment.

Listening carefully to information coming from the client is one of our strong points as a designer and the completed garden will always reflect the preferences of the client, informed by the creativity we have to offer.

Based on the above information we will prepare a first draft plan. Discussion with the client at this point will identify elements of the draft plan, which may require modification to suit the clients’ preferences.

The final plan can then be drawn up.

Note: The first draft plan will be accompanied by an approximate estimate of the development cost of the project. The final plan will be accompanied by a quotation for the development by Landscapers Dublin.

The Garden Development

Landscapers Dublin is comprised of a team of qualified horticulturists and crafts people who will carry out all work relating to the hard and soft landscaping to the highest standards.

We have associations with brick layers, stone masons, tillers, carpenters, metal fabricators, guttering experts, roofers Dublin and electricians with whom we work depending on the requirements of the design.

We also welcome the invitation to quote other designers/architects.

Your Garden Consultation

Our on-site consultation service may be of particular benefit to clients who wish to proceed with their own plans, but may need some technical advice on design to help them along the way.

If, after a consultation, a client decides to avail of our design and/or development services, the fees for these services will be reduced by the value of the initial consultation fee.